What’s in a name?


In my teens, I hated my childhood nickname:  Emee.  Pronounced EeeMee.  I couldn’t see that it was unique and individual – actually that’s not true.  I could see that it was unique and individual and I was desperately trying to blend in with the “normal” girls.  Being Eve, with all the Apple, Snake, or Adam jokes, was bad enough.

For a long time nobody called me Emee and oddly enough I missed it.  In the last year of her life, as the dementia got a tighter grip on my mother, she would occasionally call me Emee and I’d have to fight tears because I knew it meant that, at that moment, she was present enough to SEE me – and I didn’t want to waste that precious time crying.

Now, as we explore adoption, I think about Emee and know how to reclaim it.  Odds are, we’ll be getting a child old enough to remember having a Mom.  I’ve decided that I will be Emee, until the child decides on his own to call me Mommy.  And I will be Emee to our eventual grandchildren.

It feels right.


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