There was a boy…


There was a chubby little boy I knew in grade school, and he was nice to me.  This is memorable because little boys were usually not nice to little girls, especially nerdy little girls with coke-bottle glasses and buck teeth – but he was, and because of that so were his friends.  The end of 6th grade came, and we went to different schools for Junior High, and I thought I’d never see the chubby little boy again.

There was a tall solid teenaged boy I knew in high school.  I could still see the chubby little boy behind his eyes, and he was still nice to me.  I never told him, but I was very grateful for him and the other nice guys.  Eventually high school ended, and we all went our separate ways, and I thought maybe I’d see the nice guys at our reunions… only I never went.

There’s a tall, too-thin balding man being discharged from the hospital into home hospice care right now.  He’s physically weak, but I think he’s the strongest person I know. He has a wife and children who adore him, and friends who are pulling for him.  I still haven’t seen him since high school, but we reconnected through Facebook and I can still see that chubby little boy behind his eyes in the pictures his wife has posted.  This good man has been living with Pancreatic Cancer for far longer than statistics claim is possible.  He’s fought tooth and toenail to beat it, to stay as long as he can with his wife and children.  He’s exhausted, though – and last night his wife signed the paperwork to put him on comfort care.  That had to have been the hardest – and most loving – thing she’s ever done, and my heart aches for her.

Please pray for this good man, that he has pain-free days and an easy passing when he decides it’s time to let go.  And pray for his family, that they can continue to find strength in their faith and love for each other.

Update 7/26/2012:  Eric died early this morning – at home with his family, where he wanted to be.  Please continue to pray for his family.



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