Once Upon A Time


In the long-ago that was the internet in 2006 there was a brave young blogger named Molly whose blog was named “Molly Saves the Day.”  One day, after South Dakota made abortion illegal, Molly did some research and posted a quick guide to performing abortions.  She did it not because she wanted to urge people to run out and begin an abortion frenzy – but because she believed the knowledge is valuable, and should be available to all.

That blog no longer exists, and I have found that guide reposted in only one place :   http://thelilithplan.blogspot.com/2010/03/molly-saves-day.html.  I am linking it here because I agree with Molly that the knowledge is valuable – more so now that the War on Women has become so blatant.  I fear that, depending on who wins in November, this information will be illegal within a few years, and that very few medical practitioners will be taught to perform this procedure – and within a decade or two there will be no-one left who knows how to do it.  Maybe I’m being somewhat paranoid… maybe not.  Maybe I’ve just read “The Handmaid’s Tale” one too many times…

I saved Molly’s post as a PDF file, have had it sitting on my secondary hard drive for 6 years, due to that nagging little voice in the back of my head whispering “of course it’s not necessary… but what if…”

So now it’s up to you, to decide whether to save a copy for yourself, in case the no-longer-so-unthinkable occurs.  I’ll be hanging onto my file for a good long while, and pray I never need to pass it on to someone who needs it.  I’ll keep praying that my nieces will never know what it’s like to live in a world where their uterus is not their own.


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