On quack cancer cures, and “alternative medicine” as religion – Boing Boing


On quack cancer cures, and “alternative medicine” as religion – Boing Boing.

I think the worst thing EVER when I was dealing with cancer treatments was when a friend of a friend said “ask her why she CHOSE cancer”.  The implication was that once I figured that out and learned the lesson from it, cancer would magically go away. Yeah, right…

What made the cancer go away – the first time AND after the relapse 5 years later – was modern science-based medicine.  My attitude was important, my belief that I would get well was important, but on its own was not enough.  I needed – and was lucky to have – the best possible care.  The chief of surgery at Mather AFB did my surgery; my oncologist was one of the best in the Central Valley, as was my radiation oncologist; during my relapse I was treated by one of the best hematologist/oncologists at Sutter Cancer Center, who is now teaching new oncologists at Johns Hopkins; and the chemotherapy unit was staffed by incredibly skilled and gifted nurses and nurse practitioners.  All of these people were willing to discuss alternative and herbal medicine with me, and to work with me in incorporating some of those practices into my treatment plan – as supplemental therapy, not as a replacement.

I’m still here 20 years after first diagnosis.  I’m pretty sure that’s due to the medical treatments I received.  Thank God I CHOSE to have them, instead of listening to those who thought better self-awareness and coffee enemas were all I needed to be healed.


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