The way forward is the way back…


When a resolution winds up being harmful, the smart thing is to give it up.  So I’ve with drawn from the weight loss class because it was tripping all sorts of triggers from my eating disorder days.  Instead my husband and I are giving a try.  Together.  Which I think is the only way we’re going to suceed at getting healthy.

I’ll hang onto the resolution about following through and completing projects – but have extended it to all aspects of my life.  Don’t commit to more than I can handle.  Don’t commit to something I’m not sure is right for me.  Once committed, follow it through to the end.  The exception, of course, being when that commitment winds up being BAD for you – but truly bad, not just inconvenient.


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  1. I have a lot of friends who have had a lot of success with that app. I’m proud of you for doing what’s right for YOU and following your inner wisdom about it. You know I’m here no matter what you need.

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