Six Days of Something Awful


It hasn’t been a good week.  In fact it’s been pretty awful; a family member has been diagnosed with cancer, the AC in our apartment is having its annual “I’m broken and nobody can figure out why” fit of spite, The Husband and I had a big old stupid fight over something that we should have taken care of together months ago, and I have been sick with a sore throat that just won’t go away.  My anxiety has been through the roof and I’ve been struggling with a small depressive swing.  And last night I got smacked with the grand daddy of all gallbladder attacks, after thinking I could get away with potato pancakes AND eggs after a week of restaurant food/fast food/junk food because it was too hot to cook.


The stupid fight resulted in plans for a “fix” that will make both of us happy.  The AC will be fixed some time today or tomorrow – according to the property management company, it qualifies as an “Emergency Repair” that gets priority as soon as it goes over 100 degrees – which it will do today.  I got a “life-preserver” phone call from a friend who saw my Facebook posts and realized I was floundering.  The physician’s assistant appointment yesterday set some things in motion that should result in me feeling MUCH better soon.  And when we went out to dinner last night, we had one of those “state of the marriage” talks that left both of us feeling more sure and secure with the choices we’ve made and the direction we’re going.

It’s been six days of something awful – but yesterday I rounded the corner and there’s a whole lot of something good just up ahead.


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