Old Ghosts


Today, I laid the ghost of an old relationship to rest.  Three ghosts, really; the resentment I held against two women I thought I could never live up to, the belief that I was not worthy of that relationship to begin with, and the ghost of the girl I used to be.  I hadn’t realized I was still being haunted, until a chance conversation this morning that finally banished those ghosts for good. There was a lot wrong with that relationship, but I was never unworthy and I didn’t deserve the constant “contrast and compare.” 

I’m not that girl anymore, and I don’t have to carry her baggage – at least that particular set.  I can set it down and leave it behind me, where it belongs.  Maybe with the lighter load, I’ll have the strength and clarity to unpack the rest of her baggage and leave it behind as well.  That girl wasn’t strong enough to do it, but I think the woman I’m becoming is up to the task.


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